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Yes! Join our discord that becomes available through purchase of any product.

For our Factory Driver Betas, check your email.

After launch there will be a key management system in place.

For our Factory Driver Betas, check your email.

After launch there will be a software download system in place.



Colourlab Ai v1.0 will be released in Early October, exact date TBD. You may sign up for notification at the bottom of this page..

Colourlab Ai will be available on a subscription basis for $99 per month or $999 pre-paid for an annual license for a single seat. Users may manage their own licenses and deactivate and reactivate to move from one system to another or pause their subscription between jobs.

Colourlab Ai is an Apple Macintosh only application and requires macOS Catalina and a Metal-Capable Graphics Card (AMD). 4GB of VRAM or more is recommended.

Timeline integration with DaVinci Resolve is limited to the DaVinci Resolve Studio version.

Our roadmap for other direct integrations includes Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Avid, Baselight, ColorFront, Pomfort LiveGrade, and more!

We will publish a list of supported codecs and RAW formats when Colourlab Ai v1.0 ships in Early October and follow with point releases as other codecs and RAW formats are added. Our roadmap is to support all commonly used professional cinema codecs and RAW formats.

ColourLab only runs on Mac, Catalina or higher.

No. Catalina brings core features that are required for ColourLab Ai to function.

Big Sur is not supported yet.

We’ve seen success using a networked drive seen by both systems to host the DaVinci Project file. Work on Windows, close it, open it on Mac, then re-link footage and send it to ColourLab. Reverse the process to return to Windows.


Look Designer 2.0

Look Designer 2.0 is $199 for an annual license and is available for both Mac and Windows.

No, Look Designer 2.0 is a completely new plugin and it does not support Look Designer 1.0 presets.

In the current beta, you can have only one version installed. When we release in October both versions will be able to coexist.

Yes, if you need to do that, you can split operations of Look Deisgner on more than one node.

Yes. Look Designer 2.0 is compatible with Blackmagic Control Panels

Look Designer 2.0 works with ACEScct.

Look Designer 2 is for DaVinci Resolve currently, and is based as an OFX Plugin



Grainlab will cost $199 and it works on both Mac and PC

It is experimental at the moment and it is there to simulate the gate weaver effect.

Will announce bundle deals closer to release

GrainLab is for DaVinci Resolve currently, and is based as an OFX Plugin

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