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Colourlab Ai

Colourlab Ai simplifies color correction and automates precise color matching thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Whether you are building a look from a graded clip or a reference still, Colourlab Ai can effortlessly match scenes across your edited timeline or quickly balance hours of dailies.

More Time to

Colourlab Ai intelligently color manages, color matches, and camera matches. We empower filmmakers and colorists to create. Ai does the heavy lifting, so you can add magic to your color.


The time-saving Colourlab Ai offers will transform the way you work.
Say hello to beautiful and gorgeous results.

Hollywood meets Ai

Built on extensive research of professional Hollywood production, we created image processing tools that surpass the highest of standards. Our technology works seamlessly with Apple’s Catalina and Big Sur platform, and is now accessible worldwide.


Our Products

Look Designer 2

For over a century our eyes have adored the rich beauty of film. It just felt right and, although digital imaging aspired to the character of celluloid, it could not replace film’s truthfulness.

Best in Class Film Stock Emulation

Replace your LUT libraries with a single tool. Tap into decades-long research into the science of color associated with traditional celluloid acquisition.

breaking limits

Color management Simplified

Build for most demanding workflows. Look Designer can pre-match cameras, move from SDR to HDR in a single click, or use ACEScct for the entire color pipeline. Look Designer 2 can communicate with the rest of production via 33 and 65 point 3D CUBE LUTs.


Our Products


Grainlab is a new texture tool and a monumental step towards making the digital negative emulate the natural look of analog film. The result is a living grain that is a more realistic look with the authentic behavior of real film grain. Digital Cinema will never look the same.

Go Beyond Color​

The next most obvious step in successful film look emulation is the use of texture or film grain. In today’s age of streaming, using grain correctly can positively affect encoding codecs and lead to better image quality.


With Colourlab Ai I can finish the job in 1/4 of my usual time
Colourlab Ai had amazed me with how fast the process of matching different camera shots within the grading process. Although as a colorist I always prefer to tweak and set the color to the work I produced, often there are cases where deadlines are too crazy. With Colourlab Ai I can finish the job in 1/4 of my usual time. This gives me plenty of extra time to further polish my work when the base grade is done in such a short time.

Dylan Wong

Head of post production / Littleredants Creative Studio / Singapore

They make digital cinema the way it should be
I have found that these software give the image and color a much finer texture and depth. They make digital cinema the way it should be in such a simple way. I consider these software very powerful color grading tools.

Edgar Flores Ogarrio

Colorist / Anónima Post / Mexico

I am so satisfied with how Look Designer and Colourlab Ai help me speed up my grading workflow
I am so satisfied with how Look Designer and Colourlab Ai help me speed up my grading workflow and improve the grading with long projects. Colourlab became my Virtual Color Assistant to perfect my matching shots in very difficult situations which I struggled with for a long time.

Jalil Bourne

Colorist / 2horloges / Algeria

This is revolutionary software
Colourlab.ai astounds. It is an insanely powerful, accurate, and lightning-fast tool for rapidly creating grades. Making color correction and look creation fluid, rational, and efficient presents no small challenge. This is revolutionary software.

Thomas Dallal

Cinematographer & Photographer / Haifa / Israel

Look Designer has been a great addition to my color tools
Look Designer has been a great addition to my color tools as it truly does give you great control when it comes to film emulation. Most suppliers in the market only offer film emulation LUTs so you never truly know what’s going on under the hood. With Look Designer, you as the colorist can refine the controls to create the look that the project needs. With the ability to export out LUTs that you create with Look Designer, you can hand the LUT off to your DP so they can view the footage on set with the look you both created. Look Designer all around allows for better communication between set and post.

Jeff Spott

Freelance Colorist / Atlanta

I love the subtractive color controls
Look Designer has transformed the way I grade. Using the tools within the plugin, they give me a level of control that has significantly improved my work. It’s possible that many of the same looks could be achieved using Resolve’s built in tools, but the intuitiveness of Look Designer really simplifies the process. I love the subtractive color controls, and the ability to fine-tune the contrast of the various film stocks is amazing. Grainlab it’s a great tool, it gives you the ability to simply fine tune the grain and the results is phenomenal.

Kyle Kelley

Cinematographer & Colorist / BullMoose Pictures, Inc.

Hollywood meets ai

Advanced color correction powered by Artificial Intelligence

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